W611S and W612S

Two inbred lines from WQS C2 have been released. W611S (S6+ = 12140-1-1-4-1-3-B) and W612S (S6+ = 12004-1-1-3-2-1-B) were developed from WQS after the third cycle of selection. The initiation of inbred development started in 2001. Hybrid evaluation and selection for these lines was initiated at the S2, S4 and S5 stage of inbred development, at which time they were evaluated in topcrosses to HC33, LH227 and/or LH198. In 2007, topcrosses of these lines by LH244 and LH332 were evaluated in various field environments and selected on the basis of forage yield, neutral detergent fiber (NDF), in vitro true digestibility (IVD), in vitro NDF digestibility (NDFD), protein, starch, and, as a result, milk production potential. W611S and W612S are approximately 50% Lancaster background and 50% broad-based high-quality germplasm from northern temperate regions. The inbred lines combine well with lines derived from the Stiff Stalk heterotic background to provide average to high yielding hybrids with good nutritional quality.