1999 Trials

In 1999, several trials were conducted in order to assess silage potential of lines that are under development in the UW silage breeding program. The germplasm in these trials included materials from several other sources than the WQS breeding population that will be the primary focus in the future.

The Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) program has supported UW silage evaluations of promising breeding populations from Latin America. Several advanced lines from WFISILO and promising lines from WQS appear in our SILEVAL trials along with experimental populations and numerous check hybrids used by the silage breeding program and in the UW Corn Extension Program program directed by J.G. Lauer. Three of the trials (SILEVAL-L, 223227, and 632635) also included high-fiber lines derived from the WFISIHI population as part of a related project to evaluate pulping potential of high-fiber hybrids.

Excel Spreadsheet Description
GEM Evaluation of GEM breeding crosses topcrossed to LH185 and LH198.
SILEVAL-E Evaluation of early-maturing silage hybrids including lines from WFISILO and WQS.
SILEVAL-L Evaluation of late-maturing silage hybrids including lines from WFISILO, WFISIHI, and WQS.
223227 Evaluation of hybrids derived from WFISIHI crossed to LH227 and LH223.
632635 Evaluation of hybrids derived from WFISIHI crossed to A632 x A635 and LH223.