2000 Trials

In 2000, seven trials were conducted in order to assess silage potential of lines that are under development in the UW silage breeding program.

Trial Description
EXPTLH198 Evaluation of S2 lines from WQS C1 topcrossed to LH198.
EXPTLH223 Evaluation of S3+ lines from WFISIHI, WFISILO, and WQS C0  topcrossed to LH223.
EXPTR227B77 Evaluation of elite S3+ lines from WQS C0 topcrossed to R227 and B77. Inbreds R227 and B77 were chosen based on rapid digestion kinetics (Jung et al., 1998).
ADVANCED Evaluation of elite S4+ lines from WFISIHI, WFISILO, and WQS C0,  topcrossed to LH198.
PRELIM Evaluation of elite S2 to S3 lines from WQS C0 and several GEM breeding populations topcrossed to LH198.
MISC Every breeder has one of these trials. A few odds and ends.
GEM Evaluation of several new GEM lines topcrossed to LH185 and LH198.